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Charleston Bridge

The College of Charleston extends offers to a select group of SC residents to participate in the Charleston Bridge program for their first fall semester. Charleston Bridge is a one-semester program for students to live and study on the College of Charleston campus while taking coursework with Trident Technical College faculty.

As participants in the program, students reside in designated College of Charleston residence halls and room with other students participating in the program. Students have access to College of Charleston academic and student support services as well as campus facilities and student life activities. Admitted students continue to benefit from staff support and peer academic coaching through participation in the First-Year Impact program. In addition to support services, students engage in a variety of activities coordinated through the Center for Academic Performance & Persistence during their first two semesters at the College of Charleston.

This option is offered to students denied admission to the College of Charleston who may benefit from a transitional semester through the bridge program. Students meeting all program requirements at the end of the fall semester are considered for spring admission to the College of Charleston.

To participate in the Charleston Bridge program:

  • Students must reside in one of the bridge designated College of Charleston residence halls. Bridge designated residence halls include Berry, Buist, Craig, or Liberty. Residing on-campus is a requirement of all students participating in the program, even if the student is a resident of Charleston. Students will be matched with a roommate who is also participating in the Charleston Bridge program.
  • Students must select a College of Charleston meal plan. This is done when the housing/meal plan application is completed. First year students may choose from the following meal plans: All Access Diamond + 300 Dining Dollars, All Access + $100 Dining Dollars, or the 12 Meals per week + $275 Dining Dollars. For more information access dining services Frequently Asked Questions. Additional questions can be directed to Dining Services.
  • Students will work with a Trident Technical College advisor over the summer to arrange a fall course schedule. Course descriptions can be found on the Charleston Bridge Orientation webpage. TTC advisors will contact students by phone before students attend orientation. Students are encouraged to view the course descriptions and select classes of interest prior to the advising conversation.
  • Students attend a Charleston Bridge Orientation. The morning session will occur at Trident Technical College main campus and the afternoon session will be held at the College of Charleston. Families are welcome, but are not required to attend the orientation. Students should plan to participate in orientation activities from 8:00am until approximately 5:00pm. Details about orientation registration will be emailed to student's CofC email account from the College of Charleston's Office of New Student Programs. Questions about orientation may be directed to  
  • All fall tuition and fees (including meal plan and housing) must be paid in full to Trident Technical College by the August due date. Students with a balance due past the payment deadline will not be allowed to move into the College of Charleston residence hall and fall courses will be dropped by Trident Technical College. Students should complete all financial aid steps that may be needed before the payment due date.
  • Students must attend New Student Convocation at the College of Charleston.
  • Students may request fall schedule changes by the Add/Drop deadline. Schedule changes can be completed with a TTC advisor before arriving on campus. Once a student has moved into the residence hall, schedule changes may be submitted by the drop/add deadline to the College of Charleston Office of the Registrar no later than 5:00pm using the appropriate Add-Drop form. This form may be accessed from My Charleston. Go to the academic services tab and select the form found in the Charleston Bridge channel.

Additional information:

  • Student have access to College of Charleston academic and student support services. Students may participate in clubs and organizations, intramurals, use campus recreational facilities, use career center resources, and have access to collegiate recovery services, counseling and student health services. 
  • Students have a Trident Technical College email account and a College of Charleston email account. Students should check both accounts frequently during the summer and fall semester. In most cases TTC faculty will contact you using your TTC email and CofC staff will communicate using your CofC email.  
  • Students pay Trident Technical College tuition and fees for the fall semester and a one time program fee of $1450. All financial aid and bill payment will be handled by Trident Technical College for the fall semester. No payment should be sent to the College of Charleston for fall tuition and fees (including the residence hall and semester meal plan). Admitted students will pay College of Charleston tuition and fees in the spring. 
  • Charleston Bridge students may not participate in the summer SPECTRA program offered at the College of Charleston.
  • Students may not be employed on the College of Charleston campus in a job that provides hourly wage or an activity that provides a stipend payment. Students admitted to the College of Charleston in the spring may be employed on campus.
  • Admitted students will attend an advising/registration event in December to receive pre-enrollment information and enroll in spring classes.
  • Admitted students will transition into the College of Charleston as a First-Year Impact student and are expected to meet Impact program requirements during the spring and the subsequent fall semester. This includes meeting with a Peer Academic Coach during the spring and fall semester and earning a minimum 2.0 cumulative GPA to continue enrollment at the College of Charleston. Students not meeting Impact requirements will not be able to continue enrollment at the College of Charleston. If you have questions about the First Year Impact program contact the Center for Academic Performance & Persistence.

Charleston Bridge Mission Statement:

The mission of the College of Charleston’s Charleston Bridge program is to support first-year students in their successful academic, social, and personal transition to college. This is achieved by working collaboratively with Trident Technical College, faculty, and staff to create a community of learning for Charleston Bridge participants.

Charleston Bridge Vision:

Through participation in Charleston Bridge, students will utilize campus resources and develop skills necessary to thrive academically in order to reach their personal and academic goals.

Charleston Bridge Program Goals:

Students will...

  • Build a supportive peer network
  • Establish relationships with college faculty and staff
  • Utilize campus resources
  • Become familiar with academic expectations and the college culture


College of Charleston departments are open Monday though Friday from 8:30am-5:00pm EST.

Questions about admission to Charleston Bridge program can be directed to the College of Charleston Office of Admissions by emailing or by calling 843-953-5670. Questions about orientation can be directed to the College of Charleston Office of New Student Programs by emailing or by calling 843-953-2017.  Email or call 843-953-2017 with any questions about program requirements. 

Additional program contacts at Trident Technical College (TTC) and the College of Charleston are posted in the CONTACT US section of the Charleston Bridge website. All questions related to fall tuition payment, payment plans, or financial aid should be directed to Trident Technical College.

NOTE: Charleston Bridge students may not participate in the summer SPECTRA program. During the fall semester, Charleston Bridge students may not participate in Greek Life, ROTC, pep band, varsity sports, or the College of Charleston Cheer & Dance team. These opportunities are available to students admitted in the spring. Students cannot be employed on the College of Charleston campus in a job that provides a stipend payment or hourly wage or participate in activities that require College of Charleston fall course enrollment.

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