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Charleston Bridge

Charleston Bridge Overview

The Charleston Bridge program provides a unique opportunity for South Carolina residents to complete Trident Technical College coursework while engaging in campus activities and residing on the College of Charleston campus. Students meeting program requirements will be offered admission to the College of Charleston for the spring semester.

During the fall students will:

Mission Statement

The mission of the College of Charleston’s Charleston Bridge program is to support first-year students in their successful academic, social, and personal transition to college. This is achieved by working collaboratively with Trident Technical College, faculty, and staff to create a community of learning for Charleston Bridge participants.


Through participation in Charleston Bridge, students will utilize campus resources and develop skills necessary to thrive academically in order to reach their personal and academic goals.

Charleston Bridge Program Goals

Students will…

  • Build a supportive peer network
  • Establish relationships with college faculty and staff
  • Utilize campus resources
  • Become familiar with academic expectations and college culture