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Tuition and Fees Payment Information

Fall Semester

For the fall semester, Charleston bridge participants must pay Trident Technical College (with the exception of the bridge deposit of $300 and housing application fee of $50 which is paid to the College of Charleston). This will include Trident Technical College course tuition and fees, the Charleston Bridge program fee, and the College of Charleston residence hall fee and meal plan. Financial aid for the fall semester is processed by Trident Technical College. 

The fall semester bill must be paid in full to Trident Technical College or a payment plan established by August 1, 2018. Students will not be able to move into the College of Charleston residence hall if there is an outstanding balance with Trident Technical College. Be sure to make any financial aid arrangements that may be needed before August 1.

Students choosing to enroll in a Fall 2 class will pay Trident Technical College for this 3 credit hour course at the time of enrollment. 

Fall 2018 Cost of Attendance and Due Dates (posted 3/6/2018)

Information regarding the various options for payment can be found at

Payment plan information

Trident Technical College financial aid information can be found at

Directions for making a payment if you are not on a payment plan can be found at

Email contacts about payment from Trident Technical College:

Spring Semester

Once the student is accepted into the College of Charleston for the spring semester, the billing and financial aid will be handled by the College of Charleston. Also, financial aid will be processed by the College of Charleston.