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Student Success Seminar

A requirement of all Charleston Bridge participants is the completion of a Charleston Bridge Student Success Seminar (CBSSS). The seminar focuses on getting to know the campus, understanding program requirements, becoming familiar with academic best practices, using campus resources and preparing for the next semester.

Students meet bi-weekly with a seminar instructor and peer mentor for 50 minutes on Monday August 27, September 10, September 24, and October 8, 2018 from 5:30-6:20pm. Attendance at the four seminar meetings is mandatory - student attendance is not optional. The seminar instructor and classroom location will be shared with students during summer orientation. Instructors will have available office hours and will meet with students to review midterm grades and a final exam study plan.

The documents for each module and the assignment drop box will be available on August 21, 2018 can be accessed through the MyCharleston student portal and logging into OAKS. Access OAKS by clicking on the acorn icon in the upper right corner of the page. Students will be directed to an OAKS page called My Courses. Click on the course link for the Charleston Bridge student success seminar indicated as CBSSS. 

Students will be expected to review all of the documents posted in the CONTENT section for each module and complete the assignments. Please note that the seminar is monitored and the course instructor will be able to determine if documents have been opened and time is spent reviewing the material for each module.

Charleston Bridge Student Success Seminar Instructors

Stephanie Auwaerter - CBSSS-01 - Seminar meeting location - Maybank Hall room 103

Mentor: Gabby Krause

Celia Dennison - CBSSS-04 - Seminar meeting location, Maybank Hall room 111

Mentor: Alexis Wright

Kait Lamontagne - CBSSS-03 - Seminar meeting location, Maybank Hall room 113

Mentor: Mikayla Suggs

Carly Pruitt - CBSSS-02 - Seminar meeting location, Maybank Hall room 115

Mentor: Mary Burns

Wendy Stephens  - CBSSS-05 - Seminar meeting location, Maybank Hall room 208

Mentor: Nina Hayes

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