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Online Textbook Ordering

from the Trident Technical College Bookstore

Before you get started on ordering your books make sure you have your student ID, class schedule with course numbers and section numbers.

NOTE: Charleston Bridge course sections are all designated with the letter X in front of the section number.

How to find the Trident Technical College Bookstore website:

The first step is to go to  Next you need to create a user login, password & add your shipping address for your purchase (s). After creating your account, you will be able to buy your books. 

How to search

You can search your books in two ways:

Option 1:  Click on the picture of books of the upper right 

Option 2.  Click on the textbook option and choose the buy textbooks

Under “Find It Add It Buy It’ option you will find a helpful hint “Not sure what to do? Click for instructions.”

To find, add and buy your textbooks

  1. Select the Term, Department, Course, and Section affiliated with your class.
    • MAIN CAMPUS – FALL 2018 M    ANT  101    X01
  2. Click the ADD COURSE TO LIST button to add the class to your course list.
  3. Click the GET YOUR BOOKS button to see a full list of all your books for each selected class.
    • You will see all your selected books on screen
    • Press the plus sign to add each book to your cart.
  4. After adding all your books to your cart, press the PURCHASE key.
  5. On the next screen, press the CHECKOUT key.
  6. At the checkout screen please read the Substitutions rules and then press Continue to shipping info.
  7. Check your shipping information. You should enter delivery information and press Continue to payment info.
  8. Under Payment Method, you can use your Financial Aid account (A/R Account) or credit card for your payment.
  9. If you choose to pay with your financial aid account, make sure to type you 7 digits TTC ID number and press apply to my order.
  10. If your financial aid account is not up to date you will receive an error:  “The A/R Charge account “0000000” is not valid”.   Then, you have a choice to pay by credit card or contact the Trident Technical College financial aid department for help.
  11.  If everything is okay, you will receive an email from the Trident Technical College bookstore with your order number.

If you have any questions about the ordering process or your placed order, please contact Jloundia Pinckney at 843-574-6120 or and Fariba Ebrahimi at 843-574-6121 or with your order number.