About the Program


The HSS Fellows Program offers a rigorous educational experience in two distinct academic settings. This program is expressly designed for first-year students who desire an international experience early in their college career. It recognizes students with exceptional scholastic records who possess the potential to make significant contributions to College of Charleston (CofC) during their time at our institution. Students complete some of their first-year degree requirements on the CofC campus in the fall and spend the spring semester at Franklin University Switzerland in Lugano. HSS Fellows not only enjoy exceptional opportunities in the classroom, but they’re also introduced to the cultural traits of two distinct communities. The result is an experience that offers unique preparation for life and career.

During the fall semester students will live in CofC residence halls of their selection. HSS Fellows will complete their First Year Experience course (a graduation requirement of all CofC students) and their ENGL110 requirement. They will select additional courses from the CofC catalogue during a regular New Student Orientation session.

Monthly, the HSS Fellows will come together under the direction of faculty mentors. Events will be academically geared roundtables, workshops, and discussions. They will be held in a on the CofC campus and will help students prepare for departure to Franklin University Switzerland Spring 2019. Travel to Lugano will be as a group accompanied with a CofC staff member.