Academic Information

Fall Charleston Bridge Courses

Trident Technical College (TTC) Charleston Bridge courses are transferable to the College of Charleston. Fall course availability is subject to change due to faculty needs or enrollment requirements. Students are encouraged to review the course descriptions before discussing fall enrollment with a TTC advisor in June. 

Buying Textbooks from the TTC Bookstore 

Course textbooks can be shipped from the Trident Technical College Bookstore to a permanent home address or a College of Charleston mailing address. Parents ordering books should include the student name information on the order.  When ordering books for Charleston Bridge coursework from the Trident Technical College Bookstore please note that Charleston Bridge course sections are designated with the letter X in front of the section number. 

Making Charleston Bridge Course Schedule Changes

During the summer, students can contact their TTC advisor to make schedule changes. 

Once classes begin,requests to drop or add a class may be emailed to by the drop-add deadline date no later than 11:59pm. The College of Charleston Registrar's Office will notify TTC with the schedule change and the request will be processed. Students will receive a confirmation email from TTC once the change has been made to the course schedule. 

After the drop/add period ends, students can withdraw from a class by 11:59pm on the last day of Charleston Bridge final exams in December. A course withdrawal request should be sent from the student's CofC email to A "W" will appear on the academic transcript but this will not count against the cumulative GPA. 

If a student is admitted to College of Charleston in the spring, the course and the earned hours from the bridge semester will transfer. A student's cumulative GPA from prior course credits or the fall bridge semester grades do not transfer.

Notes about Fall Enrollment:

  • Students can only enroll in Charleston Bridge designated courses. Students cannot complete regular Trident Technical College or College of Charleston courses during the fall semester as part of the Charleston Bridge program requirements. 
  • Dual enrollment credits or credit hours earned at other colleges or universities do not count toward the cumulative 2.6 GPA or the earned hours (12) needed to meet program requirements.
  • Students' participating in Charleston Bridge may enroll in no more than 18 credit hours during the fall.
  • 12 credit hours is considered full time enrollment - to meet program requirements, students must earn a minimum of 12 credit hours in the fall semester.
  • Trident Technical College does not award + or - grades.

Courses Transferring to the College of Charleston

All Charleston Bridge course credit hours completed in the fall will transfer as earned credit hours to the College of Charleston. The transfer equivalency database includes coursework and how a course transfers to the College of Charleston.

Only the earned credit hours transfer to the College of Charleston, not the final grades or the cumulative GPA earned in the fall. Fall semester grades below a grade of "C" do not transfer as earned credit hours or count toward meeting the Charleston Bridge program requirements. 

Accessing the TTC Portal

The TTC Portal provides students with access to various tools and information regarding enrollment as a TTC student. Charleston Bridge students will need to access the TTC portal for fall course materials. When a student signs into the TTC Portal, they can access to the following:

  • The email
  • D2L, the TTC course learning management system (LMS).
  • Student Self-Service
    • Access to the fall bill
    • Financial Aid information
    • Access to midterm and final grades
    • Option to sign up for the payment plan

Accessing MyPortal 

MyPortal is a secure gateway to the College of Charleston's on line services. This portal contains links to helpful information and services on campus. Some channels will not be applicable to Charleston Bridge students until the student is accepted as a College of Charleston student in the spring. If you need assistance with the portal, contact the College of Charleston IT Service Desk or call 843.953.3375.

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