Fall Course Enrollment

An advisor from Trident Technical College (TTC) will contact students by phone to discuss fall course options before the June orientation. Students should review the course descriptions posted below prior to this conversation and determine which courses may be of interest for the fall semester.

Course options are limited since a specific set of courses are designated for Charleston Bridge students. Charleston Bridge students are not required to complete placement testing prior to fall course registration.

Once students are on the College of Charleston campus, students should contact the College of Charleston Academic Advising & Planning Center or Charleston Bridge staff (bridge@cofc.edu) for advising assistance. 

Charleston Bridge Fall Course Descriptions 

Trident Technical College Charleston Bridge courses are transferable to the College of Charleston. The following courses are available for the fall semester. Note: Course availability is subject to change due to faculty needs or enrollment requirements. 

ANT 101

General Anthropology (3 credits)                    

This course studies physical and cultural anthropology and explores subfields of anthropology to examine primatology, human paleontology, human variation, archeology and ethnology. CofC transfer credit equivalent: ANTH 101

ART 101

Art History & Appreciation (3 credits)

This is an introductory course in the history and appreciation of art, including elements and principles of the visual arts. CofC transfer credit equivalent: ARTH 190

BIO 101 & BIO101L

Biological Science & Lab (4 credits with lab) - *Take this course and lab only if you intend to major in a natural science at the College of Charleston.          

This course is a study of the scientific method, basic biochemistry, cell structure and function, cell physiology, cell reproduction and development, Mendelian genetics, population genetics, natural selection, evolution and ecology. CofC transfer credit equivalent: BIOL 111 and 111 lab

BUS 101

Introduction to Business (3 credits)

This course is a study of the nature of business activity in relation to the economic society, including how a business is owned, organized, managed and controlled. CofC transfer credit equivalent: MGMT 105

ENG 111

Introduction to Academic Writing (4 credits)

An introduction to the practices necessary for successful college writing; reading and analyzing college level texts: writing in a process that includes invention, drafting, revising, and editing; and researching, evaluating and documenting appropriate supporting materials for college-level essays. CofC transfer credit equivalent: ENGL 110

HIS 104

World History I (3 credits)

This course covers world history from prehistory to circa 1500 A.D., focusing on economic, social, political and cultural aspects of people before the onset of Western dominance and identifying major patterns and trends that characterized the world in each era. CofC transfer credit equivalent: HIST 103

HIS 105

World History II (3 credits)

This course covers world history from circa 1500 A.D. to the present, focusing on the development of a system of interrelationships based on Western expansion and on the economic, social, political and cultural aspects of each era. CofC transfer credit equivalent: HIST 104

MAT 110

College Algebra (3 credits)

This course includes the following topics: polynomial, rational, logarithmic, and exponential functions; inequalities; systems of equations and inequalities; matrices; determinants and solutions of higher degree polynomials. CofC transfer credit equivalent: MATH 110

MAT 120

Probability and Statistics (3 credits)

This course includes introductory probability and statistics, including organization of data, sample space concepts, random variables, counting problems, binomial and normal distributions, central limit theorem, confidence intervals and test of hypothesis for large and small samples, type I and type II errors, linear regression, and correlation. CofC transfer credit equivalent: MATH 104

PSY 201

General Psychology (3 credits) - *This course counts toward social science credit and does not count as natural science credit.

This course includes the following topics and concepts in the science of behavior: scientific method, biological basis for behavior, perception, motivation, learning, memory, development, personality and abnormal behavior, therapeutic techniques and social psychology. CofC transfer credit equivalent: PSYC 103

REL 101

Introduction to Religion (3 credits)

This course provides a study of religion and the nature of religious beliefs and practices and their influence on culture, history and philosophy. CofC transfer credit equivalent: RELS 101

SPA 101

Elementary Spanish I (4 credits) *Take this course if you have no background in Spanish study

This course is a study of the four basic language skills: listening, speaking, reading and writing. It includes an introduction to the Spanish culture. CofC transfer credit equivalent: SPAN 101

SPA 122

Basic Proficiency in Spanish (3 credits) *Take this course if you have some Spanish study in high school

This course covers the practice and further development of essential listening, reading, speaking and writing skills. Students may not receive credit for both SPA 122 and SPA 101. CofC transfer credit equivalent: SPAN 190

Making Fall Schedule Change

During the summer, any changes to the course schedule can be discussed with a TTC advisor and changes will be made by Trident Technical College. After the summer, students should work with College of Charleston for assistance with schedule changes.

Contact the Office of New Student Programs at bridge@cofc.edu or call 843-953-2017 if you have questions about schedule changes once the semester begins. If you have no questions, you may submit your change request to registration@cofc.edu

How to request a schedule change:

Once classes begincourse drop-add or course requests can be emailed to registration@cofc.edu by the drop-add deadline date no later than 11:59pm. The College of Charleston Registrar's Office will notify TTC with the schedule change and the request will be processed. Students will receive a confirmation email from TTC once the change has been made to the course schedule. 

After the drop/add period ends, students can withdraw from a class by the withdrawal deadline. The request should be sent from the student's CofC email to registration@cofc.edu no later than 11:59pm. A "W" will appear on the academic transcript but will not count against the cumulative GPA. 

Students must earn at least 12 credit hours during the fall to meet Charleston Bridge program requirements.

Important Information about Enrollment

  • Students' participating in Charleston Bridge may enroll in no more than 18 credit hours during the fall.
  • 12 credit hours is full time enrollment - to meet program requirements, students must earn a minimum of 12 credit hours in the fall semester.
  • Students can only enroll in Charleston Bridge designated courses. Students cannot complete regular Trident Technical College courses during the fall semester as part of the Charleston Bridge program requirements. 
  • Dual enrollment credits or credit hours earned at other colleges or universities prior to participating in Charleston Bridge do not count toward the cumulative 2.6 GPA or the earned hours (12) needed to meet program requirements.

Buying Textbooks

Course textbooks can be shipped from the Trident Technical College Bookstore to a permanent home address or a College of Charleston mailing address. Parents ordering books should include the student name information on the order. 

When ordering books for Charleston Bridge coursework from the Trident Technical College Bookstore please note that Charleston Bridge course sections are designated with the letter X in front of the section number.  

Students choosing to wait to buy textbooks once classes begin may experience a delay in meeting course assignment deadlines. It is recommended that books be ordered BEFORE classes begin.