Family Resources

The information on this page may be of interest to families with student's participating in Charleston Bridge. This page includes links to general information about the program, resources about the transition to the collegiate environment and helpful campus resources.

At the College of Charleston we understand that parents and families are critical to student success. We encourage parents and families to be active in their student's college experience but at the same time allow them to grow and develop into confident self-advocates.

You can find Charleston Bridge FAQs here. Please check the Charleston Bridge calendar to ensure your students completes all the steps necessary to participate in the program. Please note that some dates applicable for Charleston Bridge differ from the CofC academic calendar.

If you have questions or need information that you cannot find on the website, contact the Office of New Student Programs (#4 on the campus map). The office is open Monday-Friday from 8:30-5:00 p.m.

Charleston Bridge Parent & Family Chats

The Office of New Student Programs staff host several virtual chats for parents and families of students participating in Charleston Bridge. Parents and families are encouraged to attend and ask questions. You will receive an email announcement with the date/time/event link when chats occur.

March 28, 2023: Charleston Bridge Information Session recording

Charleston Bridge Orientation for Families 

Charleston Bridge Orientation is for students participating in Charleston Bridge and for parents and families wanting more information about the Charleston Bridge program. Students are required to attend the Charleston Bridge Orientation (June 30, 2023). Parents and families are welcome to attend. This one-day event is free to participating students and families.

Orientation is an opportunity for students to tour the campus and residence halls, get their CofC ID card, learn about academic and student support services, and meet other new students participating in the Charleston Bridge program. Parents and families will learn more about campus resources to help support student success.

If you are unsure if your student has signed you up to attend Orientation, contact the College of Charleston's Office of New Student Programs at 843-953-2017 (open M-F, 8:30-5:00pm) or email Please indicate that you are inquiring about the Charleston Bridge Orientation.

Handouts & Resources for Families

Campus ID Card - Cougar Card

Charleston Bridge students receive a College of Charleston ID card known as a Cougar Card to enter various campus facilities, access dining locations, and go into the residence hall - this includes moving into the hall. Students should complete the Online photo submission instructions and submit this to Campus HQ before attending orientation. ID cards will be distributed during Charleston Bridge Orientation. 

Required Health Forms for New Students

College of Charleston Student Health Services (SHS) does require health documentation before a student moves into the residence hall and begins classes. Step-by-step instructions to submit online documentation can be found on the SHS website. College of Charleston requires three immunizations Quadrivalent Meningitis, TDAP and MMR. The COVID-19 vaccine is encouraged but not mandatory for students.

A clinician at Student Health Services (SHS) will review the documents and if all have been submitted the student will receive an email confirmation. This email will be sent to the student's College of Charleston email. Please allow at least 48 hours for processing. SHS is not able to accept faxed, emailed or hand delivered copies of immunization records.

Navigating Between Two Institutions

Given the complex nature of the program partnership between College of Charleston and Trident Technical College, it is necessary to coordinate some parts of the program such as teaching, technical support, billing operations, financial aid, disability services through Trident Technical College while other services such as campus housing, dining services, counseling, student life, health services, and academic support are provided by College of Charleston. 

Although working between the two institutions may at first be overwhelming, we intentionally designed a support system available to all program participants. This support involves staff from Trident Technical College and College of Charleston. While some are involved in academic advising, financial aid guidance, and teaching - others are involved in student and parent communication, academic support services, and referral to physical and mental health resources.

Although the deposit and housing application fee is paid to the College of Charleston, the fall semester tuition and fees as well as the program fee, fall campus housing dww, and the meal plan fee are paid to Trident Technical College no later than August 1. The offer to participate will be rescinded if the bill is not paid by the due date. 

  • For fall bill payment questions: Call Trident Technical College at 843.574.6367.
  • For Financial Aid questions: Email or call 843.574.2581.

The Charleston Bridge Frequently Asked Questions page has instructions for many of the processes your student may use such as dropping or adding a class, viewing grades, withdrawing from a class, and appealing the spring admission decision.

Staying Informed - The CofC Parent & Family Experience Platform for Families

The CofC Parent & Family Experience is an online communication platform for us to share information about the Charleston Bridge program, campus resources, important dates, and information to support your student’s success. This tool is the primary way we communicate with parents and families. 

All Charleston Bridge parents with emails included on the student's admission application are imported into the Charleston Bridge Community accessed from this platform. You can customize this Internet-based tool to receive information that is relevant to you and your student, as well as to set the frequency with which you would like newsletter updates.

If you are not receiving announcements and newsletters related to Charleston Bridge, go to this URL ( and use your email to sign up. If you don’t receive a welcome email after signing up, please check your Junk mail folder. Please note that other communities available on this platform may refer to College of Charleston deadlines, dates, and processes that do not apply to students participating in Charleston Bridge. The Charleston Bridge academic calendar is not the same as the College of Charleston academic calendar. The Charleston Bridge academic calendar has a different drop/add deadline, course withdrawal deadline, the semester end date, and dates for final exams.

We also encourage you to subscribe to  The College Today, which is the official news site of the College of Charleston.

Note: The CofC Parent & Family Experience communication platform will not be used to disseminate Cougar Alerts for campus emergencies. Parents and family members who wish to be notified in case of a campus emergency, can text the word cougaralert to 333111 to automatically receive emergency notifications via text message.

Where Can a Student Get Help?

Once the semester begins, Charleston Bridge students transition from working with an advisor from TTC over the summer to communicating with TTC faculty and College of Charleston staff. Students should reach out to the following resources:

  • The Charleston Bridge staff - The Charleston Bridge director and associate director have offices located in the Office of New Student Programs and are available to meet with students as needed.
  • Trident Technical College faculty - The student's faculty member should be the first point of contact by the student. Faculty have office hours and offices located on campus in the Lightsey Center, lower level suite B-53 offices 56, 58, and 60. Students should check their syllabi for faculty contact information and office hours. 
  • Student Success Seminar Instructor & Peer Mentor - The Student Success seminar instructor is a member of the College of Charleston staff. Students have access to their seminar instructor and peer mentor during the fall semester. In addition to attending the success seminar with both the instructor and mentor on Mondays at 5:30, students receive weekly emails from the instructor and peer mentor. Both individuals are available to meet with students to help with any challenges they are experiencing during the fall semester.
  • The Center for Student Learning (CSL) - The CSL is the Academic Support center for the College of Charleston. Students are expected to use the services at least once during the fall, however, students are encouraged to use the Center services frequently. Students can receive help from a tutor, use the walk-in labs, and meet with a peer academic coach to discuss managing time or any issues related to class. 

Additional College of Charleston Resources

Report a Student of Concern

Faculty, staff, students, friends or family can report a student of concern. This information you submit will be shared with the appropriate CofC staff and the student can be referred to campus resources. It is possible to request that the individual reporting the student remain anonymous. Submit a Referral.

Technology & IT Support

Since participating students have a TTC and CofC email account, it is critical that students check both emails frequently during the summer and fall semester. TTC faculty, financial aid, and billing will communicate using the student's TTC email account. Information sent from the Charleston Bridge staff, seminar instructor, and peer mentor will go to the student's CofC email.

Both institutions use online learning platforms to some extent. College of Charleston uses a platform called OAKS accessed by students through MyPortal. OAKS is used to deliver the student success seminar content and the student's  submission of seminar assignments. The seminar lecture component is a face to face meeting held on Mondays from 5:30-6:20 p.m. In addition to OAKS, the College of Charleston seminar instructors and peer mentors may use ZOOM for virtual student appointments.

D2L is the online learning platform used by TTC and this is the platform students find tools for their fall coursework. Fall coursework will consist of face to face meetings with Trident Technical College faculty in addition to use of D2L for posting course information. The course syllabus will indicate how the faculty member will post class information and expect assignment submission and test completion.

TTC and CofC has IT support available for students.

  • If a student is experiencing issues regarding CofC technology (CofC email, OAKS, MyPortal), contact College of Charleston IT support.
  • If there are issues with accessing the TTC portal, TTC email, or D2L contact Trident Technical College IT Services

Release of Academic Information from Trident Technical College

We encourage families to communicate with their student about academics and grade expectations. FERPA is a federal law that protects the privacy of student educational records and prevents faculty and staff from sharing information with third parents regarding student academic progress. This includes parents and family members.

Although a student can complete a FERPA release so information can be shared, it is recommended that open lines of communication facilitate a free exchange of information about progress between the student and parents.

The following forms would be needed by TTC to release information:

  1. Authorization to Release Records form - This form is completed in person by the student with the Charleston Bridge Director or Associate Director. This form is submitted to Trident Technical College's Registrar's Office. 
  2. Release of Information form - This form completed in person by the student with the Charleston Bridge Director or Associate Director. This form consents to authorization to release of a student's disciplinary and/or academic record.
    • Forms 1 & 2 must be submitted in person by the student. Student's making this request must present a ID card when submitting these forms. 
  3. Parent Verification of Participant Dependency form - This form is completed by a parent if applicable.  

NOTE: If a student is admitted to College of Charleston, the student would need to initiate the FERPA process for this institution. Students can grant third parties PROXY ACCESS to their academic information which may eliminate the need to complete FERPA documentation.