History, Mission and Goals

Charleston Bridge History:

The Charleston Bridge program was established in fall 2017 for South Carolina residents. The fifth cohort of students will be welcomed to the College of Charleston campus in fall 2021. This immersive one semester residential bridge program is a different approach than traditional bridge programs. While living in College of Charleston residence halls, students complete one semester of Trident Technical College (TTC) coursework taught by TTC faculty in College of Charleston classrooms. The partnership between Trident Technical College and the College of Charleston gives more S.C. residents the chance to complete their studies at the College of Charleston. Over the past 4 years, approximately 61-77% of the students participating in Charleston Bridge are offered spring admission to continue their studies at the College of Charleston.

Student feedback is a critical part of the program. Students are frequently encouraged to share their experience through assessments such as surveys, focus groups, and the Charleston Bridge Leadership Council. For information about program assessment visit the New Student Programs website

Charleston Bridge Mission Statement:

The mission of the Charleston Bridge program is to support first-year students in their successful academic, social, and personal transition to college. This is achieved by working collaboratively with Trident Technical College, faculty, and staff to create a community of learning for Charleston Bridge participants.

Charleston Bridge Vision:

Through participation in Charleston Bridge, students will utilize campus resources and develop skills necessary to thrive academically in order to reach their personal and academic goals.

Charleston Bridge Program Goals:

Students will...

  • Build a supportive peer network
  • Establish relationships with college faculty and staff
  • Utilize campus resources
  • Become familiar with academic expectations and the college culture