Charleston Bridge

Established in 2017, Charleston Bridge is a partnership between the College of Charleston (CofC) and Trident Technical College (TTC) in Charleston, SC. The invitation-only program is for South Carolina students who apply to the College of Charleston but may benefit from a transitional fall semester.

This unique one-semester program allows students to live in a College of Charleston residence hall with other students participating in the Charleston Bridge program. Students can use CofC academic support services, access CofC facilities, participate in CofC clubs and organizations, attend CofC events and take Trident Technical College courses in classrooms on the College of Charleston campus. Students meeting all four Charleston Bridge program requirements in the fall, will be considered for transfer admission to College of Charleston in the spring. 

Students participating in Charleston Bridge are required to reside in a College of Charleston residence hall and purchase a meal plan. Students may choose to live in Berry, College Lodge or Liberty residence hall. Campus Housing assigns rooms to Charleston Bridge students in designated residence halls. Students are paired with a roommate also participating in the Charleston Bridge program.

Students may connect with other Charleston Bridge students about roommate possibilities through the Charleston Bridge Facebook group. Questions about campus housing may be directed to The housing contract is for the fall and spring semester if admitted.

Support continues for students completing the Charleston Bridge program the subsequent spring and fall semesters through the First Year Experience and Impact program. This carefully designed sequence of experiences prepare students for their remaining stages of college. The goal is for students participating in Charleston Bridge to cross the Cistern as a proud College of Charleston graduate.

Living and learning at CofC helps new students make a smooth transition to the college environment.   

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  • Follow Charleston Bridge on Twitter: @CofCChasBridge
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To participate in Charleston Bridge

Meet the May Deadlines:

  • Pay a $400 deposit and $50.00 housing application fee to the College of Charleston by May 1, 2021.
  • Complete the College of Charleston housing application by May 1. Living on campus in a Bridge designated residence hall is a requirement of all students participating in the program, even if the student is a resident of Charleston. The offer to participate will be rescinded if the housing application is not completed by the May deadline. 
  • Select a College of Charleston freshmen resident meal plan. This is done when the housing/meal plan application is completed. First year students may choose from the following meal plans: All Access Diamond + 300 Dining Dollars, All Access + $100 Dining Dollars, or the 12 Meals per week + $275 Dining Dollars. For more information access dining services Frequently Asked Questions. Additional questions can be directed to Dining Services.
  • Register for Charleston Bridge Orientation. Questions about orientation may be directed to New Student Program by email at or call 843-953-2017. 
  • Complete a request for housing accommodations or disability services if needed by May 1


  • Work with a Trident Technical College advisor to arrange a fall course schedule. During the summer before orientation, TTC advisors will contact students by phone. Students are encouraged to view the fall course descriptions and consider classes of interest prior to the advising conversation. Registration calls will begin the week of May 24, 2021.
  • Pay TTC tuition and fees for the fall semester and a one time $1450 participation fee by the August 2, 2021. All tuition and fees (including the fall meal plan and on campus housing at CofC) are paid to Trident Technical College. Students with a balance due after the August deadline will not be allowed to move in. Students should complete payment plan arrangements and/or financial aid steps with TTC before the August payment due date. 
  • Participate in The College Reads! program. The selected book will be mailed to all new students during the summer. 
  • Attend New Student Convocation at the College of Charleston on August 23, 2021.


  • Purchasing a laptop for the fall semester is highly recommended. All College of Charleston students are required to have a laptop computer. View the laptop requirements at
  • Private rooms in the residence hall are not available - students participating in the program will be rooming with other students in the Charleston Bridge program in designated residence halls.
  • Pets in the residence hall are not permitted. An assistance/therapy animal may be permitted if the student has a disability and a disability-related need for an assistance animal. Students must first seek approval from Trident Technical College Disability Services which will consult with College of Charleston Disability Services and Campus Housing. The approval must be received prior to a student moving on campus. Assistance animals must meet all City of Charleston requirements for ownership. Accommodation requests for on campus housing must be received by May 1.
  • Students participating in Charleston Bridge cannot join a varsity sports team during the fall Charleston Bridge semester. However, students can participate in club sports and intramurals.
  • Charleston Bridge students may not participate in the summer SPECTRA program, Greek Life, the Pep Band, Cheer or Dance squads during the fall.
  • Students may not be employed on the College of Charleston campus in a paying job/internship or in an activity that provides a stipend payment during the fall.
  • Students cannot be enrolled in College of Charleston coursework or activities that offer credit hours or internship credit during the fall semester. 

Once admitted to College of Charleston in the spring, students can participate in all programs and activities. 

Student Support Services

Students have access to College of Charleston academic and student support services, campus facilities, and student life activities. Resident assistants reside in the campus residence halls which are monitored by officers from the Department of Public Safety.

The Charleston Bridge staff, seminar instructors, and peer mentors are available to students participating in Charleston Bridge. They foster student success through frequent interactions, establishing relationships and supporting students as they navigate through the first semester in college.

Additional campus resources and support services provided to Charleston Bridge students include the Addlestone Library, Academic Advising & Planning CenterCenter for Student Learning, Career Center, Counseling CenterStudent Health ServicesGeorge Street Fitness Center, Technology ServicesResidence LifeCampus RecreationIntramural Sports, and the Collegiate Recovery Program. Students receive a College of Charleston ID card (referred to as a Cougar Card) and can use this for free admission to all Cougar sporting events

What Students Say about Charleston Bridge

"Being a part of the Charleston Bridge Program was different from any other bridge program I had heard about, in that I felt just like a full CofC student. With the exception of having courses taught by Trident professors, I feel as though my freshman year experiences were the same as the rest of the student population. I loved being a part of this program for it gave me the opportunity to grow closer to my fellow classmates in the Bridge Program. I feel as though there was a closer connection between the bridge students in that we all had a common goal of progressing as a full college student at CofC and as a result, we supported each other in this ultimate goal. As a junior at the College of Charleston, I now have the experience to look back on my time with the Bridge Program and see how well it prepared me academically for my future at the College. One of the things I loved about the bridge program was it helped me achieve my ultimate academic and career goals." Anna fall 2017 participant

"The Bridge program helped prepare me for C of C in many ways. Being in this program helped me to establish valuable skills that have helped me each semester since I was admitted. During my time in the program, I had extra support and was able to adjust to college at a different pace than students not admitted into the program. I had to take my academics very seriously and therefore created study habits that have helped me succeed in all my college courses. Being in this program has helped me to excel both in my studies, but also in my overall college experience." Ava, fall 2017 participant/2020 CofC graduate

"If I had any advice to future CofC Bridge students I would tell them all to not be afraid. When I was accepted into the program I was very skeptical and afraid that I would feel like an outsider. That could not have been farther from the truth. I may have been in the bridge program but I felt like a normal College of Charleston student, which was most important to me. The program also really helped me to stay organized my freshman year and keep a good structure to my time. I learned skills through all the processes we had to go through that I still use today. I am so thankful I said yes!" Olivia, fall 2017 participant

"I feel as if I benefited from the bridge program and I’m appreciative of the faculty and mentors I worked with during the fall. The program helped me develop those needed skills that any incoming freshman would need to have a successful first year. The program itself held me accountable for many requirements and I think that was part of the reason why I managed to move forward as an official CofC student. Using all the resources and attending office hours helped me build a connection with some of my teachers and to have better understanding of the criteria. I pushed myself making sure to stay on top of all the requirements and to accomplish goals that I had set. One of my biggest accomplishments of course would be meeting the 2.6 grade point average required in the first semester. I'm grateful of the  people who helped me make sure I would finish the program and return to College of Charleston in the spring semester." Shi'Yauni, fall 2018 participant

"I was a little wary and apprehensive at the beginning of the Bridge program, with the requirements of the program looming over me. But, with the amazing resources that were available and great professors who wanted to see all of their students' success, that wariness quickly wore off. I can honestly say that the Bridge program prepared me more than enough for the College. This experience allowed me to realize that college isn't scary and my success that semester instilled a sense of excitement about school." Celia, fall 2019 participant

"The program gave me good and in-depth insight on what life at the college would look like. This helped me further assess if I made the right decision.The biggest advice I could give someone in the program is to develop good time management skills. The end of the semester comes much faster than you think.  My biggest success is achieving a 4.0 and it took developing good time management and study habits. I had to learn to leave procrastination in high school and really invest in myself."  Lewis, fall 2019 participant

"The Charleston Bridge Program was honestly a blessing. It was a great way to get a feel for what college is and being able to live on campus during the process gives you the chance to learn the campus before you’re a full student." Morgan, fall 2020 participant


College of Charleston departments are open Monday though Friday from 8:30am-5:00pm EST.

  • Questions about admission to Charleston Bridge can be directed to the College of Charleston Office of Admissions by emailing or by calling 843-953-5670.

  • Questions about Charleston Bridge orientation can be directed to the College of Charleston Office of New Student Programs by emailing or by calling 843-953-2017. 

  • Questions about Charleston Bridge program requirements can be directed to the College of Charleston Office of New Student Programs by emailing or call 843-953-2017. 

  • Questions related to fall tuition payment, payment plans, or financial aid should be directed to Trident Technical College.

Additional program contacts at Trident Technical College (TTC) and the College of Charleston are posted in the CONTACT US section of the Charleston Bridge website