Charleston Bridge Program Requirements

At the end of the fall semester, students completing all four Charleston Bridge program requirements will be considered for spring admission to the College of Charleston.

  1. Earn a minimum of 12 transferable credit hours during the fall semester.
  2. Earn at least a 2.6 cumulative grade point average (GPA) during the fall semester.
  3. Use the College of Charleston Center for Student Learning (CSL) services (meet with a staff member about study skills, receive tutoring, or meet with a peer academic coach) at least one time during the fall semester. Sign in at the desk and work with a individual staff member or tutor during this visit. 
  4. Successfully complete the Charleston Bridge Student Success Seminar. To fulfill this requirement students attend seven seminar meetings and complete assignments to earn at least 10 of the available 14 seminar points.

End of Semester Requirement Review

In December when final grades post,  student records are reviewed  to determine if requirements are successfully completed. Please note that previous credits or earned grades do not count toward fall requirements.

Students Eligible for Spring Admission

When final grades post, students meeting the requirements will receive an email from the Office of Admissions. The email sent to the student’s College of Charleston email will extend an offer of spring admission to the College of Charleston. 

Admitted students will receive an email sent to the CofC email account from the Office of New Student Programs about spring advising & registration in December. During this virtual registration event, students will meet with the academic advising staff, and register for spring classes. Students with approved appeals will register for spring coursework during the January Orientation. 

A registration hold preventing course registration is placed on all student accounts until the advising and registration process is completed. Questions about the advising and registration event can be directed to the Office of New Student Programs by emailing or calling 843-953-2017.

Students not Meeting Program Requirements

Students not meeting one or more of the four Charleston Bridge program requirements will receive an email sent to the CofC account from the Office of Admissions denying admission for spring. Students may appeal this decision if mitigating circumstances apply. Students can find instructions on how to appeal the Spring admission decision on the FAQ page. Students denied admission must remove all personal belongings from the room and vacate the residence hall.

The College of Charleston reserves the right not to admit students with reports of academic concerns, behavioral issues, violation of residence hall policies, disruption in the residence hall, involvement in illegal activities including assault, theft, stalking, sexual misconduct, vandalism, possession of alcohol, public intoxication, possession of drugs or drug paraphernalia, selling illegal substances, underage drinking, or using a fake ID. Other incidents resulting in admission denial include violations of the honor code, plagiarism, exhibiting conduct that is lewd, threatening, harassing, violent, disruptive, abusive, discriminatory or actions that cause the discomfort of others. These activities can result in a denial of admission even if all Charleston Bridge program requirements are met. 

Outstanding Bill with Trident Technical College

Students with an outstanding bill remaining at the end of the fall semester with Trident Technical College (TTC) will have their official academic transcript withheld. Although students may be eligible for spring admission to CofC, the admission process cannot move forward until payment has been received by TTC. Please direct any questions regarding billing to the Trident Technical College accounts receivable area.