Parent Services

At the College of Charleston we understand that parents and families are critical to the success of our students. We encourage parents and families to be active in their student's college experience but at the same time allow them to grow and develop into confident self-advocates.

Here are some things we suggest parents and families do if you have a new or current student at the College of Charleston:

  • Subscribe to the College of Charleston Parent & Family Experience. This communication platform is provided to keep parents and families informed throughout your student's time at CofC.
  • To read news about the College of Charleston, visit The College Today website and subscribe.
  • The Cougar Alert Notification System is used to communicate emergencies taking place on campus that require action such as evacuations, building closures, and/or class cancellations. 
  • Parents can become an ebill authorized user to receive notifications about the semester bill.
  • The Proxy Access Management service provides students with a way to designate access to trusted users to view selected student information. By setting up proxy access the student is giving consent for specified individuals to view academic information from their student record online.
  • Parents of new students are encouraged to attend Family Orientation to learn more about the resources available to help make the transition easier for you and your student. 

If you have questions about student support services or need information that you cannot find on the College of Charleston website, email the Office of New Student Programs at or call 843-953-2017. Office hours are 8:30a.m. to 5:00p.m. EST Monday through Friday.